3.5mm Standard Jack Mini Earphone Wire Neckloop Bluetooth-compatible Ring Set Wireless Earpiece Earbud Bluetooth-compatible coil set


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1. The wireless headset is a tiny mini wireless remote sensing beneficiary that changes sound signatures through electromagnetic solicitation. The latest headphones, smaller in size, less power consumption, and clearer sound.
2. It also has a microphone so the person on the other end of the phone can hear your voice, your whisper, or all the sounds around you.
3. With the mini earpiece, you can hear your partner from the other end of the phone and you can also talk to him.
4. The mini-ear receiver is very small (6x6x10mm) and has the perfect anatomical shape and skin tone, so no one will notice anything in your ears.
5. Bluetooth-compatible kit communication:
(1) The Bluetooth-compatible neck ring is now powered by a new Class F audio amplifier, which now provides a more powerful output audio signal.
(2) Pause/play or even change songs with the click of a button. The mute function also works on the music player.
(3) Its small size, Dia7xH11mm, makes it completely invisible in the ear canal. Works with all inductive transmitters.
(4) It has a new premium battery holder and no more worries about battery holder damage.
(5) The smallest mini earphones have the best anatomical design. It makes it easy for inexperienced users to wear it.

Product: Earphone

Troubleshooting steps:
Here are some suggestions if the headset isn't working properly:
1. Make sure the battery is inserted on the right side.
2. Adjust the earpiece in the ear canal to a suitable position.
3. Make sure the Loopset is not too far from the headphones.
4. If the headset does not work properly, please try to replace other mobile phones or other 3.5mm audio devices

Quick start headset:

Step 1> Insert the battery into the handset
Open the plastic case and you will find the battery under the sponge.
Open the battery compartment of the handset by lifting the protrusion. Make sure the cathode is facing the handle and the anode is opposite the handle. Then close the battery compartment.
Note: After inserting the battery, the handset starts to work, please do not insert the battery in the wrong direction.
If the battery is incorrectly inserted into the handset, the battery compartment can crack or the battery can get stuck in the handset.

Step 2> Wear the headset
1> Clean the ear canal with a cotton swab.
2> Fit the earpiece horizontally into the ear canal to maximize signal reception. T.

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.