3L Wide Mouth Water Bag Watertight Suction Nozzle System Portable Hydration Bladder For Outdoor Mountaineering Cycling Sports As shown


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1.Material: Double-sided imported TPU. The material has the characteristics of strong hydrolysis resistance, strong antibacterial, high strength and high water pressure resistance. [Compliant with China GB national standard and US FDA or NSF food grade standards, and European EN71 free heavy metal and toxicity test specifications. ]

2. Bonding process: double-sided TPU full heat sealing process (no glue material is used in the whole process to avoid possible toxic substances), strength: water pressure test is greater than or equal to 60 kg

3. Silicone watertight nozzle system: adopt watertight nozzle. This nozzle is equipped with an opening and locking device. Use in the open state (just gently pull it away with your mouth). Drinking water is convenient and safe: in the locked state, the water will not flow out, good sealing performance.

4. Water pipe: The three-connection kit is used to connect the bag body and the faucet. This place is easy to loosen due to frequent pulling, and the three-connection kit is more firm and reliable! The silicone gasket at the end of the water pipe connection will not seep or leak.


Name: 3L Wide Mouth Water Bag

Material: TPU

Size: 52.5cm x 19cm (length x width), 54.5cm x 19cm (including hook length x width), pipe length 100cm, large diameter of water inlet 9cm

Weight: 220g

Purpose: outdoor sports, mountaineering and rock climbing, hiking

Water temperature: – 20 ℃ – 50 ℃

Features: it is specially used for high oxygen consuming sports such as cycling and long-distance running, because you can't drink a lot of water during strenuous sports. You can slowly supplement the water needed by your body through the water pipe with water bag. 100cm standard long water pipe enables the water bag to drink water normally even if it is placed in the bag. TPU material is environment-friendly, non-toxic and can be used safely.

Packing list:

1 x 3L Wide Mouth Water Bag


The color deviation is subject to actual system configuration and 1-3cm slight dimension difference is allowed due to manual measurement.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.