44pcs Diamond Cutting Wheel Set Hss Circular Saw Blade+ Resin Cutting Disc With 2 Screwdrivers Silver


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Name:  Cutting  Wheel
Material: HSS / diamond / resin
Weight: 145g
Resin cutting disc: 20pcs
Outer diameter 32mm
Inner diameter 3mm
Thickness 1mm
HSS circular saw blade: 6pcs
Outer diameter 22/25/32/35/44/50mm
Inner diameter 6.35mm
Diamond cutting wheel: 10pcs
Outer diameter 22mm
Inner diameter 3mm
Fixed rod: 6
6mm iron fixed rod
3.2mm iron fixed rod
3mm iron fixed rod
3mm red film fixing rod
Screwdriver: 2pcs
Features: 1.Resin cutting disc: low heat, thin cutting line, cutting wheel is suitable for electric drill, crane grinder, electric grinder, etc. It can be used for cutting metal, plastic, chassis modification, thin metal circuit board and DIY production after connecting with mandrel. It is very suitable for olive cutting. Packing list:
20 * Resin cutting disc
6 * HSS circular saw blade
10 * Diamond cutting wheel
2 * Screwdriver
6 * Mandrel

1.When using a resin cutting disc, please try to insert the disc into the end of the mandrel, and the rotation speed should not be too fast, so as to avoid breaking and bending the rod. It is forbidden to be onlookers by others. Please take safety measures. Optical discs are thin and fragile products. When cutting, try to keep the disc perpendicular to the object to be cut. Pay attention to the strength when installing, so as not to break the disk. The number of breaks will decrease with the increase of proficiency. Try not to shake hands, keep your hands stable, and the cutting force is stable, so as not to be broken! Practice makes perfect.
2.When using high-speed steel circular saw blades, the speed should be slow, and the saw blade should be inserted into the end of the mandrel. Because the center of gravity of the front end is much heavier, the inertia will change the trajectory at high speed! Therefore, the mandrel should be clamped in place. Otherwise, the machine speed is high, which may cause the saw blade mandrel to bend, causing unnecessary loss and damage.
When using a diamond cutting wheel, the screw on the spindle should be tightened, and the electric grinding speed should not be too fast. Please take safety measures.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.