6 Led Lights Solar Fountain Pump Built In 1200mah Battery Water Pump For Bird Bath Fish Tank Pond black


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1. Just press the pump completely into the water to expel the air and release, then connect the different nozzles and the pump starts working.
2. Luminous effect. The top of the solar pump is equipped with 6 LEDs. They are powered by a built-in battery and automatically light up when they detect a light level below 300 lux for 60 seconds, making your garden look more beautiful and mysterious at night.

Name: Fountain Pump

Material: Plastic
Colour: Black
Solar Panel: 7V/3W, Diameter: 6.3 inches/16cm
Built-in battery board: 3.7V 1200mAh
Working time: 4-6 hours after full charge
Maximum flow: 52.5gallons/H (200 L/H)
Maximum delivery height: 27.5"/70cm, regular: 10~15"
The minimum water depth of the fountain should be 4.5 cm
Spraying combination: 8 spraying methods + 4 bumpers
Product size: 16x2cm (diameter x thickness)
Outlet: 8mm

1. The bird bath pump is directly driven by sunlight. Built-in 1200mAh battery, can still work for up to 6 hours after a full charge. Since the power of a solar panel depends on sunlight, the pump is also affected by weather, season, location, etc. It would be better to peel off the plastic film protective film on the surface;
2. Upgrade. Built-in water level monitoring system, when the bottom sensor cannot touch the water, it will automatically stop working to prevent the water pump from idling, which has a great impact on the product life.
3. Clean the solar water pump regularly to keep the solar panel clean;
4. When the pump is just put into the water, there is air inside, which may affect the spraying. It is recommended to connect the nozzle after normal spraying.
5. No wires included or required.

Packing list:
1 x Fountain Pump
8 x Nozzle accessories
Different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. 
Manual measuring,please allow 1~3mm error,thank you.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.