80ml Nano Oxygen Injector Blu-ray Facial Moisturizing Airbrush Air Compressor Oxygen Machine Beauty Face Spa Skin Care green


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–Principle: The product generates high-pressure gas through an air pump, so that under the action of high-pressure airflow at the water outlet of the bottle, the liquid inside the bottle continuously pours out to the water outlet of the bottle, turning into small water droplets—mist, water mist (H₂O) Contains a lot of oxygen molecules to maintain and improve the uneven skin tone, wrinkle relaxation, pigmentation, convalescent skin, smoking skin and other problems caused by hypoxia
–Performance: 1. Negative oxygen ions deeply cleans the skin and clears the skin's water outlet channels, improves nutrient absorption, can remove oil and acne, activate cells to restore skin's smoothness and elasticity, and make loose and dull skin moist and full; 2. Macromolecules are converted into small molecules, and the waste in the skin is exchanged while hydrating. Nano ion spray can quickly open pores, clean up contamination, and reach the bottom of the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and can be sprayed with 100% milk / essence / toner / astringent /softening water/essence/hydrosol
–Save time, effort and money, and you can achieve the same effect without going to a beauty salon.
–Gently inject oxygen, promote blood circulation, exfoliate, activate hydrophilic factors, and smooth like a baby's face.
–You can use it to oxygenate your skin, hydrate, remove fine lines, shrink pores, delay aging, eel spots, and more.

Name: Moisturizer Beauty Oxygen Injector Spray 
Color: white, green, pink
Level: 1 level
Spray : cold spray
Efficacy: replenish oxygen and moisture, whiten and supple skin
Fog out time: 11-30 seconds
Product material: ABS/PET/silicone tube
Water tank capacity: 80ml
Power supply mode: USB charging
Battery capacity: 500MAH
Battery model: 14500 lithium battery

1. Press the button once to start spraying, the display window lights up with a blue light, press the button again, the machine stops spraying (the blue light is off), and there is only one level;
2. When the voltage is lower than 2.4V (when it feels that the amount of spray is significantly reduced), the machine will automatically shut down and can only be used after charging. The red light is on when charging (the light is off when fully charged), and it can be used continuously for 40 minutes after charging for 2 hours;
3. When using for the first time, it is recommended to use it fully charged, and it is forbidden to use the machine while charging.

Packing list: 
Host x 1
Data cable x 1

Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3 cm error, thank you
Due to screen and other objective reasons, there may be a certain color difference, please understand.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.