[EU Direct] ACEKOOL Air Purifier 200CADR value ABS Plastic + PP Plastic


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—-Product application The air purifier design should be applied to the following occasions: a. Various offices, living rooms, bedrooms and other places b. KTV private rooms, chess and card rooms and other entertainment places c. Hotels, shops, bank outlets , communication business halls and other public places

—Product Competitive Advantages A. Using compound purification and filtering technology, negative ion technology, cold catalyst catalysis B. High purification efficiency, 200CADR value C. Top control panel display D. Capacitive touch control

—-Product performance

1. Input power: AC220V 50Hz

2. Standby power consumption: <2w

3. Product main parameters

4. Gear Speed ​​(RPM) ±50 Power (W) Current (A) Noise (dB) 1st gear 400 9 0.04 42.7 2nd gear 650 15 0.055 50.8 3rd gear 1100 45 0.122 57

5. CADR value: 200 m³/h

6. Negative ions: Release amount: 20X106 PCS/cm³ Ionization voltage: -5KV±0.5

7. Input power: AC220V, 0.2mA (max) Ozone concentration: <0.05ppm

8. Fan wheel: centrifugal fan wheel ø193*65mm ABS+GF black

9. AC iron shell motor: YK10-4A15 input AC220V 10W

1200r/min, counterclockwise</0.05ppm

10. Purification filter: Size:: L370*W301*H30mm

11. Average life of filter: >3 months

—-Product Features Description

1. AC 220VAC power supply. 2. Non-isolated resistance-capacity buck. 3. Three-speed wind speed control. 4. Negative ion control interface. .LED display. 9. Standby power consumption: ≤2W. 10. Reminder of filter usage time.

—Display/sound description 1. LED displays timing, wind speed, key state. 2. Buzzer output: key chord tone 6. Logic function description. 1. Connect the power supply, a rising chord tone, all LED lights Turn off after 2S. At this time, the standby power consumption is less than or equal to 2W, and the switch button light is on breathing state. 2. Key sound description: When power on, it is a rising chord sound; the function button is a flat chord sound; when it is turned off, it is a flat chord sound. 3. Switch: In standby state, press the [Switch] button to turn it on, the switch button light is always on, a rising chord sound, the wind speed 2-speed indicator light, the wind speed button light, and the negative ion button light are on, and the fan runs at the 2-speed wind speed. Press the [ON/OFF] key in the power-on state to turn off the machine, and the whole machine will stop running. gear) 1 (gear)… cyclic switching, the corresponding gear indicator light is on. 5. Negative ion: Press the [negative ion] key to turn on/off the negative ion function, and automatically turn on the negative ion function when the machine is turned on (the negative ion button light is on when it is turned on, and the negative ion button light is off when it is turned off). The button light is on, there is a beep sound, and the timer 1H indicator is on. Press the timer button multiple times to cycle to select the timer time, 1:002:004:00 without 1:00… Cycle switching (the corresponding indicator light is on), and the countdown starts after 2S is displayed. Status. After the timing is completed: (1) Timed shutdown: If it is in the power-on state, the entire system will be shut down regularly. (2) Timed power on: If in standby state, it will be powered on regularly. 7. Sleep: The sleep wind speed works at the 1st gear, except for the sleep button light, the rest of the lights are off. 8. Filter control function: 8.1 Filter timing and reminder: When the filter has been used for more than 3500 hours, the regular 1H 2H 4H 3 LED lights flash at the same time, and there is no buzzer sound. The accumulated time of the filter needs to be powered off and memorized. 8.2 Filter reset and demonstration: After replacing the filter, press and hold the "timing + wind speed" button for 3 seconds to reset the filter, the buzzer will sound a prompt, start timing again, and the filter flashing light will be released. 8.3 Restore factory settings: When the accumulative use of the filter is less than 3500 hours, press and hold the "timing + wind speed" button for 20 seconds to force the timing time of the filter to be reset, and a prompt will sound. 9. Self-check mode: 9.1 Long press the power button + Press the wind speed button for 3 seconds, the buzzer will sound, all the LEDs on the board will light up one by one and then go out, all the loads (motor gears 1, 2, and 3, negative ions) will be turned on one by one and then turned off, and finally the software version will be displayed (one LED on means the version is V01 , and so on), then touch the buttons one by one, the buzzer will emit a beep sound, the above self-test test can determine that the product hardware is working in a normal state.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.