[EU Direct] ACEKOOL Air Purifier 400CADR value ABS Plastic + PP Plastic


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—Product application The air purifier design should be applied to the following occasions: a. Various offices, living rooms, bedrooms and other places b. KTV private rooms, chess and card rooms and other entertainment places c. Hotels, shops, bank outlets, Communication business hall and other public places

—Product Competitive Advantages A. Adopt composite purification and filtration technology; B. High purification efficiency, high CADR value, high CCM value C. Air quality display light, front panel display + control D. Capacitive touch control E. Can be based on Particulate matter sensor detects air quality

—Product performance 1 Input power supply: European regulation British regulation AC220V US regulation 110V 2 Standby power consumption: 3 months 4. Touch button and function description button Function definition Function description switch key In standby state, click to turn on the Click to enter standby mode. WIFI button In the power-on state, when it is recognized that the WIFI board is connected, press and hold this combination button for 2 seconds to perform wifi pairing. Fan speed button In working state, when you click this button cyclically, you can switch between manual/automatic/sleep fan speed modes, which are 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 4th gear, automatic sleep, mode, and automatic mode automatically adjusts the wind speed according to the air quality. Timing button When you click this button in a loop, you can switch between 1-12h timing on/off mode. When the digital tube displays –h, it will exit the timing mode after 1S (manual on/off can also exit the timing mode). (1) Timed shutdown: If it is in the power-on state, it will be shut down regularly. (2) Timed power on: If in standby state, it will be powered on regularly. Child lock key In working state, press and hold the magnetic key for 2 seconds to enter the child lock mode, and long press the key again for 2 seconds to exit the child lock mode. Filter reset button In the working state, the accumulative filter time reaches 3000 hours, when the filter indicator flashes, press and hold the key combination for 2 seconds to restart the timing again, and the filter indicator goes out; Sharp chord tone; power on is ding ding dong sharp chord tone; function button is ding flat chord tone; shutdown is dong ding ding flat chord tone : "Rufeng WIFI Protocol"); Air Quality Light Indicates air quality, in which: Green means excellent air quality (0-50); Blue means average air quality (51-100); Yellow (red+green) means air quality Normal (101-150); Red indicates poor air quality (>150); White digital tube Displays PM2.5 value in real time when there is no operation; Displays the function in operation first when operating the function; Filter time indicator The cumulative use of the filter has reached 3000 hours, the red indicator light is on; Child lock mode indicator Turn on the child lock protection mode, the white indicator light is on; Turn off the child lock protection mode, the light is off; Sleep mode indicator Turn on the sleep purification mode, the white light is on; Turn off the sleep purification mode, lights off;


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.