Firefighter Car Fire Extinguisher Annual Inspection Of Dry Powder Fire Fighting Equipment Blue


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Name: Fire Extinguisher
4 colors: blue, black, red, silver
1. Bottle specifications: height: 270mm, diameter: 65mm
2. Primer requirements: white
3. Fire extinguishing agent: ABC (ammonium phosphate) dry powder 50%
4. Driving gas: nitrogen
5. Bottle body material: aluminum (no pressure gauge)
6. Filling pressure at 20℃: 0.8MPa
7. Total weight of fire extinguisher: 0.6kg
8. Operating temperature range: -10℃-+55℃
9. Weight of fire extinguisher: 400±22.5g
10. Simplified hydraulic test pressure: 3.0MPA
11. Shelf life: three years
Mini: Elegant, compact and elegant appearance, does not take up space.

Product introduction:
The simple dry powder fire extinguisher is a storage pressure ABC dry powder fire extinguisher, which has the advantages of reliability and easy use. Elegant, compact and elegant appearance
, Does not take up space. It can extinguish common solid material fires, combustible liquids and combustible gases, and the initial fires of electrical equipment. Suitable for cars and experiments
Fire prevention and extinguishing of gas and liquefied petroleum gas in laboratories, hotels, precision instruments, reference rooms and household gas.
Product Specifications: Full English tank
Before use, first turn it upside down several times to loosen the dry powder in advance. When it is 3-4 meters away from the fire source, pull out the safety pin, hold the nozzle with one hand, aim at the fire source, and press the thumb of the other hand. Put the dry powder out immediately.
When using a fire extinguisher with a spray hose or a stored pressure fire extinguisher, always press down the handle with one hand and cannot let go, otherwise the spray will be interrupted. When fighting a flammable and flammable liquid fire, the dry powder fire extinguisher should be aimed at the main part of the flame. If the liquid fire to be extinguished is flowing and burning, it should be aimed at the root of the flame from close to far away. The flames are all extinguished.
If combustible liquid burns in the container, the user should aim at the root of the flame and sway from side to side so that the jet of dry powder covers the entire surface of the container opening; when the flame is driven out of the container, the user should continue to spray until the flame is completely extinguished . When extinguishing a flammable liquid fire in the container, care should be taken not to directly aim the nozzle at the liquid surface to prevent the impact of the jet from splashing the flammable liquid and expanding the fire, causing difficulty in extinguishing the fire.
Packing list:
Dry powder extinguisher * 1pc
Note: Due to different personal displays, light and contrast differences, there may be slight color difference between the picture and the real object.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.