Hdmi-compatible Adapter YPBPR To Hdmi Converter Component To Hdmi-compatible Adapter Black


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Name: Hdmi-compatible Adapter
High-definition component (YPbPr) to HDMI high-definition video converter, is a YPbPr (color-difference) signal, AUDIO (L/R) stereo signal converted into high-definition HDMI audio and video signal output through digital processing, using the same three-dimensional pass-through technology to convert The clear and vivid picture is vividly displayed in front of you, and the YPbPr signal can be upgraded to a 1080P progressive model, and the picture is clearer and more stable. You can connect devices that only have YPbPr output, such as ordinary camcorders, PS2, XBOX, set-top boxes, DVDs, players, etc., to the HDMI channel of a full-HD (1080P) large-screen TV, allowing you to easily enjoy it on a full-HD TV HD movies and games.
Scope of application of Component to HDMI HD converter:
Digital LED TV/cloud TV/Apple TV/Blu-ray player/XBOX360/digital set-top box/network TV box and other devices with chromatic aberration (ie YPbPr) interface can be converted into high-definition HDMI signal output by using this device to enjoy high-definition video Experience. The device can decode the color-difference signal perfectly and losslessly and transmit it to the high-definition video output device to realize the high-definition video experience.
design concept:
The high-definition component to HDMI converter product is a new generation product developed with the latest digital technology. It supports component input, left and right channel audio input, and HDMI high-definition audio and video signal output. This product uses 3D compensation patented technology to show clear and vivid pictures to you, perfectly restoring the three primary colors of red, green and blue.
Interface function:
1. Input interface: YPbPr, AUDIO-IN
2. Output interface: HDMI
Features of YPbPr to HDMI converter:
1. The YPbPr to HDMI converter is plug-and-play, no need to install any software, easy to use.
2. Support PS2, XBOX, set-top box, DVD, player, etc.
3. Color difference input support: 567i, 576@50, 480@60, 480@59, 720@50, 720@59, 720@60, 1080i@24, 1080i@25, 1080i@29, 1080i@30, 1080P@ 59, 1080P@60 and many other formats of YPbPr signal input.
4. Audio input: support one stereo input
5. HDMI output: adopts video pass-through technology to directly convert the image into high-definition HDMI output. Supports resolutions up to 1080P, and vividly displays clear and vivid images in front of you. The built-in audio conversion function synchronizes the video HDMI output, and the audiovisual presentation is wonderful.
Packing list:
Adapter * 1
USB power supply cable * 1
Description * 1
Note: All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only, the color deviation is subject to actual system configuration.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.