Headlight Outdoor Type-c Rechargeable Multifunctional Induction Headlamp Flashlight Led Light Lamp Black


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Product name: Headlight Set

Material: ABS

Model: 2053

Bulb: XPG white light + XPE warm light + COB (red and white) + (red, blue and green) LED

Product size: 7*4.8*4.5cm

Switch: press switch + inductive switch + COB switch

Battery: built in 1 * 2000 mAh 18650 lithium battery

Charging mode: type-C USB charging, support output 5V 1A

Zoom mode: rotary zoom

Indicator light: four green power indicators

Charging time: 5-6 hours

Battery life: 4-5 hours of strong light discharge

Waterproof grade: IPx4

Lumen: 300-400lm

Range: 100-200m


Press switch 7 gear: XPG strong light – XPG weak light – XPE warm light – (long press in any gear to switch LED mode) led red light – led green light – led blue light – LED red green blue light flashing

Gear 7 of induction switch: XPG strong light – XPG weak light – XPE yellow light – COB white strong light – COB white weak light – COB red light – COB red light flashing

COB switch 4 gear: COB white strong light-COB white weak light-COB red light-COB red light flashing

Stay in any gear for more than 3 seconds, click the switch to turn off, and then turn it on again (except led gear) to return to the gear when it is turned off. Push switch and COB switch can be used at the same time.


1. Check the battery: ensure that the battery is charged and installed as a flashlight in the correct direction.

2. When the flashlight is used, it shall be selected according to the requirements of the flashlight for voltage and battery. It shall not be used indiscriminately to prevent burning the circuit board. Batteries of different models and voltages shall not be used at the same time.

3. During use, when the brightness of the flashlight changes significantly, turn off the flashlight to prevent excessive discharge of battery power and charge it in time; Pay attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof and fall prevention of the battery. When charging, take it out in time according to the charging speed of the charger. After the indicator light changes, do not overshoot.

4. For batteries that are not used for a long time, the batteries shall be fully charged and kept normal. They shall be charged and discharged again in about three months to avoid chemical corrosion.

5. The inner wall of the lamp cup shall be kept clean. Never wipe it with hands or hard objects. Clear the fingerprint on the lens, and gently wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in lens cleaner.

6. Do not contact the flashlight with sunlight, water, chemicals and corrosive gases for a long time to avoid damaging the flashlight.

7. Non professional personnel shall not disassemble the flashlight to prevent damage to the circuit board.

Matters needing attention:

1. Do not irradiate the light directly to the eyes to avoid injury to the eyes.

2. Do not use under overpressure. The voltage should not exceed 4.2V. Do not reverse the battery, otherwise the circuit board will be burned.

3. Please identify the positive and negative poles of the charger when charging, and do not overcharge or discharge the battery, so as not to damage the service life of the battery (charging time is generally 5-8 hours).

4. When using the flashlight, check whether the threads are tightened without looseness, otherwise it may cause non bright goods and slight bright.

5. The flashlight should not be placed in the sun or high temperature environment. After stopping use, please take out the battery and store it in a cool and dry place after it is fully charged.

6. The company's flashlight has the ability of living waterproof. Generally, there will be no problems in rain, but it does not have the function of diving. Do not carry this flashlight to dive or put it in the water basin and bathtub for a long time.

7. In order to keep the O-ring (sealing rubber ring) and thread rotating smoothly, please wipe vaseline oil on its surface 2-3 times a year.

Charging instructions:

Deficiencies shall be supplemented in time to avoid affecting the service life of the battery. The battery shall also be charged during long-term storage.

Packing list:

White Box+Headlight+Headlight Headband+USB Cable (Black)


The color deviation is subject to actual system configuration and slight dimension difference is allowed due to manual measurement.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.