Locator Real-time Driving Tracker Anti-lost GF21 Mini Device Voice Control Recording WIFI GPS black


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Name: Mini locator
Material: ABS
Model: GF-21
Memory: 0.5 (M)
GPS positioning accuracy: 10 (m)
Alarm mode: vibration alarm, fence alarm, movement alarm, SOS alarm
Battery type: lithium battery
Battery life: 100 (h)
Waterproof function: none
Antenna type: GPS+GSM+WIFI
Map function: Baidu
Interface text: Chinese and English
Item Description—(Dual positioning system: APP/SMS)
1 Main functions Support: real-time GPS/AGPS/WIFI/LBS positioning, SOS help, remote monitoring, dialing family numbers, pedometer, electronic fence warning reminder, historical track query, alarm clock function, class mode, power saving mode.
2 chip MT2503/MTK3333/MTK5931
3 Memory 32M Flash Memory
4 RF power amplifier RDA6625E
5 Mainboard stack size 20*35*4.5mm (thickness is the total thickness of PCBA+GPS antenna)
6 Working environment temperature -20℃- +70℃
7 Working environment humidity 20%-80%RH
8 SIM card Nano SIM card holder
9 GSM frequency band 850MHz/900MHz/1800 MHz/1900MHz
10 GPRS Class 12
11 Battery Charge 5V 3.7V 400mAh (Choose the size of the battery according to the different design of the structure)
12 Standby average current is less than 2ma (specifically determined by the connection method)
13 I/O interface Built-in Micro 5pin
14 Horn 0916 Specification AAC
15 MIC high-definition silicon microphone (sound can be heard within 10 meters)
16 sensor 3D G-Sensor
17 TF supports up to 32G long recording
18 GPS positioning accuracy within 10 meters
19 WIFI positioning accuracy within 50 meters
20 GSM positioning accuracy 50-200 meters (depending on network conditions)
21 Speed accuracy 0.1 m/s
22 GPS positioning time Cold start-38s (Open sky) Hot start-2s (Open sky) The specific time will vary depending on the environment
23 Shell material PC material Injection molding, spraying
24 GSM antenna PIFA antenna
25 Standby time is determined by battery capacity and connection method
26 Working voltage 3.5-4.2V (3.4V low power automatic shutdown)
1. The lost device can be found through the mobile application.
2. Two-way call: call with the user's address book number.
3. Remote pickup, remote recording, voice activated callback, voice activated recording, high-definition silicon microphone WIFI + LBS + AGPS positioning,
4. The shutdown and restart function of the device can be realized through the guardian's mobile phone APP.
Packing list:
1X machine
1X Charging Cable
1X Manual
1X Packing Box
Note: due to different personal displays, light and contrast differences, there may be slight color difference between the picture and the real object.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.