Portable Transistor Mini Spot Welder Lcd Display Screen Various Welding Power-sources 18650 Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine as picture show


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1. Welding Power: The welding power can be powered by lithium battery or 12V car battery. The controller is mainly for welding 0.1mm to 0.15mm nickel-plated steel strip, and the power input adds a 25V10000uF high-frequency low-resistance capacitor for energy compensation to increase stability.

2. Good Overcurrent Capacity: The power board uses 2 ounces of copper, and the soldering pen wire and the input wire use 10AWG multi-wire soft wire to increase the overcurrent capacity.

3. Automatic Welding Mode: The controller adopts automatic welding mode, while retaining the manual trigger interface, you can choose according to your own usage. Five 300A MOS tubes are driven by imported special chipss, and the MOS tubes can be used as fast as 20nS, which can switch quickly to prevent tube explosion.


Product name: Spot Welder Set

Material: metal

Input line length: about 20cm/7.87in

Length of welding pen: about 30cm/11.81in

Color: red, blue and black

Size: about 10x5x2.8cm/3.94×1.97×1.10 inch

Instructions for use:

1. Power connection: The controller comes with a 20cm long 10AWG input wire. One end has been crimped with a U-shaped terminal, and the other end has not been processed. Connect the crimped U-shaped terminal to the control power input terminal , and the other end is processed according to its own power supply. Do not connect the negative electrode wrong.

2. Switch on and off: There is a power switch under the control board. After pressing, wait for 3 seconds. After the buzzer drops, the LCD lights up and the boot is complete. Press the power switch again to shut down.

3. Screen description and parameter adjustment.

4. Welding: Keep the welding pin clean. If the welding pin is polished into a round head, the welding effect can be improved. There are manual and automatic methods.

Packing list:

1 x Controller

2 x Welding Pen

2 x Power Input Line (Red and Blue)

1 Pair of U-shaped Cold-pressed Terminal(Used to Connect to Input Power)


The color deviation is subject to actual system configuration and 1-3cm slight dimension difference is allowed due to manual measurement.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.