Single Handed V500 Game Keyboard One Hand Ergonomic Gaming Keypad for PS3 PS4 Black RGB


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Product type:mouse

Supported devices: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, switch
9. Lighting effect mode keyboard backlight function control is as follows: FN + F3 = 8 backlight mode switching (red → blue → green purple → sky blue → yellow → white → rainbow, FN + F4 = wave / colored race: colorful color gradient tap water, default wave mode. Press again to enter color riding mode. FN + F5 = backlight off / on, cycle switch. FN + 5 = adjusting the streamer speed to make it faster, FN + 6 = adjusting the streamer speed to slow down the speed
Function application: 1. Set the keyboard and mouse functions; 2. Connect the keyboard to the game platform, insert the corresponding cable controller to enter the specified interface of the device, and press ESC + space on the keyboard to enter the mode of setting keyboard and the bottom drum of mouse button (at this time, the setting indicator light will be on). Press and hold the function button of the original handle, click the button on the keyboard or mouse to set, and release the original wired handle button. At this time, the base of the button pressed by the original handle is set to press the keyboard or mouse button. After setting, press ESC + space on the keyboard to save the current settings and exit the setting mode. For example, press ESC + space (space bar) to enter the setting mode, press the a key to press the original switch handle, press the F key on the keyboard, and then release the a key on the manuscript to switch the handle. At this time, press the F key on the keyboard, it will appear to handle a key. 2. Cancel the function set by keyboard and mouse
Exit setting mode: ESC + space
Mouse speed switch: ESC + capslock + asidfig
Y axis plus reverse gear: ESC + R
The key value is restored to the default value: ECS + Ctrl + Alt (press and hold the Lang key for 3 seconds)

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1 x Manual
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Note: when setting the left and right joystick functions of the wired handle to the keyboard, the direction of the joystick must be pushed to the bottom, and only four directions of the joystick are set: down, left and right. During the setting process, if you do not press and hold the original wired handle function key or press the control lever to the end, the original setting function of the keyboard or mouse will be cleared. 3. The mouse speed adjustment product supports the mouse movement speed adjustment, and the default is three gears. DPL speed adjustment, ESC + capslock + aisidwig (can be adjusted in cycles). 4. Mouse Y-axis direction switch the y-axis control of some games is opposite to the set value. The game operator can adjust the y-axis direction of ECS + racoord mouse according to his own needs
5. Function switching Description: enter the setting mode: ESC + space


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.