Sound Music Activate Sensor Car Auto Sticker Led Light Equalizer Glow Music Rhythm Light Blue_45*11CM


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Product name: led music rhythm light
Product material: plastic
Product color: color/blue
Whether it contains magnetism: No
Size: 45cm x 11cm/ 8in x 4.5in
Controller cable length: 3 meters
Installation position: on the rear window glass
Applicable models: universal
Product features:
High-quality light film, using high-quality material PET (polyethylene phthalate) PET has good properties, high temperature resistance, high transparency, non-toxic, tasteless, and corrosion-resistant.
As smart as it can dance to music: It has a built in graphic equalizer, which are moving according to the background sound (similar to a normal equalizer). Different music or sound volume will activate a different equalizer panel, so you can adjust its sensitivity to pick up different dancing sticker.
Space & Energy saving: It's thickness is only 0.35mm and can be roll up to store. And it only takes 1mW per spare centimeters, saving energy as much as possible for you.
When driving at night, this sticker can be flashing in blue cool light, which makes your car safe and beautiful. It is fun, fresh and modern to decorate this dynamic car sticker on your rear windshield or side window.
Gives a unique feel/look of your vehicle: It is easy to attach the sticker to the car window via the double faced adhesive tape. And the entire installation just takes about minutes.
Installation steps:
1. Clean the glass at the sticking position, tear off the adhesive and stick it tightly
2. Plug a section of the host cable into the interface of the music rhythm light
3. The connecting cable can be routed through the rear seat and floor mats to cover the cable
4. The host can be placed in the storage cabinet so that it can receive music sound waves
5. Insert the power end of the host into the car cigarette lighter interface to complete the power connection
Packing list:
Host * 1pc
Cigarette lighter line * 1pc
Lamp slice * 1pc
Note: The fuse is burned out. Treatment: Unscrew the contact of the cigarette lighter, see the fuse, take out the broken fuse, replace it with a new fuse, and finally tighten the contact of the cigarette lighter for normal use.


The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.