Type-c Gen 2 Cable Switch Usb For Video Bi-direction 8k30hz Data Transfer Splitter Converter Black


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Name: adapter
–We do not recommend connecting from our switch to its base, which may cause abnormal USB functions. An 8K USB-C switch for two-in-one video output, allowing two sources to be connected to the ports "USB-C 1" and "USB-C 2" on the switch, and then connected to the screen using a fixed USB-C including cable. For the USB-C cable connected between the source device and our switch, this type of cable must be compatible with video transmission. s "Select" button to switch between the two sources
–An 8K USB-C splitter for two 1 in 2 output displays, allowing you to connect the source device from the USB C end via the included fixed cable, and then connect two USB-C displays to the "USB-C" port 1 "And" the switch on the "USB-C 2" port. In this connection, you can connect to your monitor via a USB-C to HDMI or DP cable. Two monitors cannot be connected at the same time. The USB-C cable you use supports Video transmission. Press "Select." A button used to switch between the two screens.
–A USB-C Gen-2 cable must be used, otherwise the video signal cannot be transmitted. {USB-C switch with power and data function}, support 100W maximum power output and 10Gbps maximum transmission rate (USB 3.1 Gen2), through our switch, you can charge mobile phones, computers, tablets and other devices, or from you Transfer data to your computer, mobile phone, etc. To your USB flash drive and other devices. Both data and charging functions require your USB-C data cable to be compatible with the above functions.
— If connected to a docking station, do not insert too many ports in its docking station. Ultra 8K video output, you can use our USB-C switch to output up to 8K @ 30Hz 4K @ 120Hz 1080P @ 165Hz to your USB-C monitor. The maximum output resolution depends on your source device, monitor and cable used . When using our switcher to perform video functions, we recommend that you do not use too long cables (the sum of the cables at both ends does not exceed 9.8 feet)

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The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.